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Animal Visits & Pet Therapy 


Frequently Asked Questions

We offer several different packages designed for many different requirements, but if you need something else please let us know how we can help! 

What happens with an animal mess?

Our staff always bring a carry bag with us to each event that is full of cleaning supples, lysol wipes and paper towel. If there is an animal mess it is cleaned ASAP. Also our small animals come in baskets with blankets, this helps to control any mess. 

How does payment work?

Little Tracks will send you an invoice, and you have several options for payment. Cheque through your head office, credit card or debit the day of the event. 


Group Visit

Have your residence gather in a large room, our team will setup a few small pens with animals in them. Residence can be seated around the outside of the room, allowing them to watch the animals. While our staff walk around the room with animals on hand for up close visits. 

Animals Selection:

Rabbits, Chinchilla, Guinea Pigs, Silkie Chickens, Dwarf hamster, Baby Ducks, Baby Chicks and more!

$295.00 1 Hour Visit

2 Staff Members

Travel Fee May Apply 

Barnyard Visit

This one is a crowd favourite! 

We setup multiple fenced spaces that we fill with Goats, Sheep, Alpaca and of course all the small animals, 

Rabbits, Chinchilla, Guinea Pigs, Silkie Chickens, Dwarf hamster, Baby Ducks, Baby Chicks and more! 

Our staff will travel around showing everyone the small animals up close, while the residence go around feeding our large animals. (We supply scoops they can use to feed the animals out of)

Setup Size 10x20

$495.00 for 1 Hour Visit

$742.50 for 2 Hour Visit

$990.00 for 3 Hour Visit 

Travel Fee May Apply

Medium Petting Zoo 

This Package is designed for large events you may host that are open to families or the public. You will see all the same animals that come with our Barnyard Visit, however we will bring a lot more! 

This will allow more visitors, cover more space so more people can visit at the same time, plus the large animals will be hungry and ready for treats for the duration of your event. This package will also comes with 2 staff members.

Setup Size 20x40

(Size can be adjusted to your space)


3 Hour Min Booking


Each Additional Hour is $250.00

Travel Fee May Apply 

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