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Promotions for 2019!

Pet Therapy Visits!

Our Pet Therapy has become so popular we are now offering it as our 2019 Promotion!

Invite Little Tracks to your Senior home, Nursing home or retirement centre at a discounted promotional price!

We offer several options:

Animal visits

2-3 small animals 

Reg. $145.00 for 1 hour 

Sale $95.00 for 1 Hour

Large Animal Outdoor petting zoo

10 Animals both big and small

Goats, Sheep, Chickens, Rabbits, Alpaca, Mini Donkey

Feed to feed all the animals

Reg. $350.00 for 1 Hour 

Sale $300.00 for 1 hour

Additional hours available at extra cost, travel fee may apply. 

Contact today to book your date! 

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