Pocket Pet Packages...

Small Pocket Pet 


Large Pocket Pet 


Perfect for Birthday Parties and small functions such as workplace team-building events and senior home visits.  

We bring 8-10 Small animals for everyone to spend time, holding, feeding and of course taking photos with! 

Small Animals may include:


Lots of bunnies, Fuzzy chickens, chinchilla, guinea pigs, Dwarf Hamsters and more!




$250.00 for 1 Hour

Extra Options:

1 Mini Goat for $50.00 for the hour

Travel Fee May Apply

Perfect for Festivals, Grand Openings and more!


This package consists of a setup with a 12'x6' wooden bunny box where the animals can run and play. 2 Benches for guest to sit and hold the animals. 2 10x10 pop-up tents and a table for hand sanitizer.

Our staff will help everyone meet and visit with them. 


12-15 Small Animals Include such as:


Lots of bunnies, chickens, ducks, chinchilla, dwarf hamster, guinea pig, ducks and more! 




$300.00 for the 1st Hour

$125 Per Additional Hour

Min 2 Hour booking


Travel Fee May Apply


We have a specially designed package just for YOU! Little Tracks has been serving many Colleges and Universities for well over 10 years now. We bring 12-15 animals min to each event. We have a min of 2 staff members, lots of treats for the animals and of course we clean up! Typically these setups are done in a large indoor space with 1 table and lots of chairs for your guest to sit down, relax and cuddle some of our adorable animals! Click the BOOK NOW button above, tell us what school you are from and we will send you your price's! 

Universities & Colleges check this out!

*NEW* Walk-In Petting Zoo

Perfect for Fairs & Large Events

This Package is a great addition to any indoor or outdoor space. This package is better as an indoor setup incase of bad weather.

This package will be FULL of small animals! Lots of rabbits, silkie chickens, Indian Runner Ducks, Call Ducks, Guinea Pigs, Dwarf Hamsters, Hedgehogs, Spiny Mice and More!

Let our Staff bring 2-4 Children at a time inside our pen to visit with all the animals. The Children will be able to interact by feeding , petting and holding some of the animals. The Rabbits will all be hoping around loss and will actually come up to the kids for treats! This setup is a great addition to your next event!


$300.00 Per Hour

Min 3 Hour Booking

Travel Fee May Apply 

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