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Our Small package is very simular to our Birthday Party package. This package is designed to offer smaller fairs and festivals the exciting animal experience while staying within a budget. This package can also be setup indoors. 

Size: This setup is approx. 10x30

Number of Staff: 1-2

Number of Animals: 10 

What animals will we see?:


-Goats       -Guinea Pig                       

-Sheep      - And More!      





1 Hour $475.00   or   2 Hours $775.00

Our Medium package is our most popular! This package is perfect for small-medium sizes of event. Including both big and small animals, this is the perfect package for large crowds! Our guest will get the chance to feed, pet and play with many types of animals! 

Size: This setup is approx. 20x50 

Number of Staff: 2

Number of Animals: 15-20

What animals will we see?:

-Sheep         -Guinea Pig

-Ducks         -Alpaca

-Chickens     -Mini Donkey or Mini Pony

-Rabbits       -Goats!


Min 3 Hour Booking, $350 per hour

Our Large package is the perfect addition to any large festival or fair. This package will offer big and small and even some odd and unusual critters! This package is sure to capture the attention of both children and adults. With our colorful pheasant display or our goat pen, everyone loves this setup! 

Size: This setup is approx. 50x40 

Number of Staff: 2-3

Number of Animals: up to 25 Animals

What animals will we see?:

You will get multiples of all the animals listed above in the petting zoo package, plus two display cages with colorful pheasant and other animals. This package is designed to deal with large volumes of visitors, and to allow the animals to be feed treats from the kids with out over feeding the animals. 

Min 4 Hour Booking, $750 per hour

Our pony rides offer all the kids an exciting ride on top of one of our famous ponies! Or to add to the excitment our ponies love to dress up as unicorns! We have 1-6 ponies available to rent. 


You may also choose to add pony rides to any of the other packages. 


Please contact for details and prices for pony rides


Worried about rain? We have you covered with our 20x30 pole tent!

Pony Rides are $200.00 per pony per hour. 

Min 2 Ponies for 2 Hours for event bookings



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